GfL simulation results on wind effects on flight operations confirmed in practice

May 2023 | Safety Assessment

In 2016/2017, GfL prepared extensive safety assessments for the planned new construction of the Europa Park Stadium in the immediate vicinity of the Freiburg im Breisgau Airport (EDTF).

First, the influence of the changed wind conditions (wind shadowing, air turbulence) due to the new stadium construction on the flight operations was analyzed. For this purpose, in collaboration with Wacker Ingenieure, a model of the built-up area near the airfield was built, examined in the wind tunnel and corresponding wind field data recorded. These data were implemented in the simulation of the UL flight simulator of RUWE AERO GmbH and the effects on flight operations were evaluated with the support of pilots.

After completion of the new stadium, the theoretical results of the simulations are now confirmed in practice during day-to-day flight operations. In the Badische Zeitung, the head of the flight school says: "Air turbulence occurs, but it does not extend up to the runway. Everyone who had predicted this was right."

In addition to the wind impact, the assessments examined the External Risk. This involved determining the hazard potential induced by flight operations for people not connected to air traffic. In this respect, the determination of the individual risk as well as the group risk was carried out on the basis of specific scenarios, which take into account everyday operations, third-party events as well as the periods before, after and during a soccer match, and as a result, applicable risk reduction measures were derived.

The safety assessments by GfL are available for download on the website of the City of Freiburg as Expertise 28 to 33.

Visualization of the new development area (© Stadt Freiburg / HHVision)
Visualization of the new development area (© Stadt Freiburg / HHVision)