Aeronautical Studies

Aeronautical studies aim to assess the reasonability of risks that are induced by the violation of international regulations (e.g. the violation of obstacle limitation surfaces). This includes both flight operational and flight safety consequences.

The common process includes the following steps:

  • Acquisition and preparation of all relevant information and input data as a part of a widespread Status Analysis
  • Identification of all hazards which result from the exceptional case (Hazard Analysis) and definition of relevant disaster cases
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of the likelihood of the defined disaster cases based on the safety risk probability and the safety risk severity (Risk Assessment)

Based on such studies individual risk mitigation measures can be suggested.

More information explaining the methodological approach used in our Aeronautical Studies when obstacle violations are subject of proof can be found in our paper (A Methodology to Assess the Safety of Aircraft Operations when Aerodrome Obstacle Standards cannot be met, see downloads) which was published on the Europe US ATM R&D Seminar (