Wind Energy and Photovoltaics

Wind turbines

Wind turbines are increasingly being erected near airports. The height of modern wind turbines can be up to 200 meters. They can be an obstacle in flight operations. There is also the possibility that wind turbines can impair air traffic safety as they can interfere with radar, navigation and communication systems.

GfL supports them in the planning, realization and approval of wind power plants, in the areas of obstacle clearance, collision risks in air traffic, effects of radar vectoring near airports on the construction heights of wind power plants (determination of the Surveillance Minimum Altitude, SMA) as well as in connection with our partners analyses of radar compatibility.

GfL has already successfully contributed to the approval of projects for a large number of wind turbines in Germany and abroad.


As part of an operational risk analysis, GfL offers the investigation of possible glare to aircraft pilots during approach and departure due to photovoltaic systems (PV modules) near the airfield (see glare analyses).

The GlareTech software developed by GfL can be used to calculate the probability of glare caused by reflected sunlight and then to qualitatively determine the extent of damage. The assessment of the glare risk is carried out according to the classification in the risk matrix according to ICAO PANS-ADR.