Digital Aerodrome Manual (DAM)

Part of the certification of an airport is the Aerodrome Manual (AM). For the management of this document GfL has developed the DAM tool with the following functions:

  • Mapping of the tree structure of the AM with filter function
  • Data sheet with mapping of all information belonging to the respective chapter incl. versioning
  • file and document archive with rights and revision management
  • user-specific rights management per chapter; public / non-public pages
  • possibility of active involvement of supervisory authority for release of content
  • lifetime license with unlimited number of users, multilingual interface
  • easy integration with ACM or SMS tool


Technical requirements

  • web-based (PHP) browser application installed on a web server (typically Apache) in the client's intranet or a specified network area
  • data storage of all data in a relational database (support for MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • support for mobile devices
  • no additional license costs: the software is based on open source technologies (Apache, etc.)
  • Client requirements: The user only needs a web browser (including Javascript) to use the software


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