Digital Aerodrome Manual

With the entry into force of the Certification Specifications (CS) and Guidance Material (GM) for Aerodromes Design CS-ADR-DSN by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 6 March 2014, a uniform European directive based on ICAO Annex 14 was implemented. On the basis of Regulation (EU) 139/2014, regulations are available which provide common standards for the planning, operation and maintenance of safe airports. 

Part of the certification is the Aerodrome Manual, which contains all necessary information and links to further documents. GfL has developed the software Digital Aerodrome Manual (DAM), which provides a digital version of the aerodrome manual with a suitable structure and filter function as well as a document management of all linked documents (including version control). The DAM can be integrated as a module in the Airport Conformance Monitor (ACM) or operated as an independent application.


  • Implementation of the chapters of the Aerodrome Manual in a tree structure with
    • Contents of the chapter
    • Comments
    • Attachments, such as documents and graphics
    • Responsibilities
    • Change date
    • Status
  • Differentiation between public and non-public chapters
  • User-specific rights management for editing chapters and documents
  • Version management for content and assigned documents

Technical requirements

  • Web-based (PHP) browser application that is installed on a web server in the intranet or a defined network area of the client
  • Mobile device support
  • No additional license costs: The software is based on open source technologies (Apache etc.), which are free of charge
  • Client Requirements: The user only needs a web browser (incl. Javascript) to use the software


Advantages of the Airport Conformance Monitor:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Attractive low-cost multi-user license
  • Uniform documentation of the content of the Aerodrome Manual
  • Clear access to the chapters of the Aerodrome Manual via the tree structure or filter function
  • Central document management of all stored documents incl. linking to certification documentation via the ACM (if available)
  • Integration of external users (e.g. regulatory authorities) via secure access


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