Compliance analyses as per EASA/ICAO

Internationally (ICAO) and at European level (EASA or EU) there are numerous regulations and codes of practice which take into account all aspects of civil aviation. These regulate, among other things, the infrastructural design, operation and organisation of aerodromes, certification and design of aircraft, ATM/procedural planning, etc. In general, the internationally valid ICAO regulations can be differentiated as follows:

Previously, the above-mentioned ICAO guidelines in conjunction with individual specifications of the national aviation authorities were decisive. In Europe, however, the following requirements according to EASA or EU, which are based on the ICAO regulations, are now authoritative:

The conformity analyses we carry out focus on airport certification and the associated infrastructural, operational and organisational requirements. For this purpose, we have developed a test and documentation logic that can be adapted to the individual airfield conditions. This logic has successfully proven itself operationally and is supported - where necessary - by on-site measurements or analyses in addition to the primary document analyses. A further component of the conformity test is the recommendation of deviation procedures for all non-conforming test criteria in accordance with EASA specifications (e.g. ELOS, SC and DAAD). GfL also offers further support in the analysis and processing of non-conforming elements (e.g. performance of safety assessments, aeronautical studies).