Airport Compliance Monitor (ACM) for Airports

Airports are required to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements such as Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 and Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014 as well as the corresponding Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) issued by EASA within the framework of a compliance management.

For this purpose, GfL has developed the Airport Compliance Monitor (ACM), a tool that serves in all aspects of compliance monitoring, internal auditing and legally compliant documentation; this as a company-internal platform as well as proof to the competent authorities.

The ACM tool provides the following functionality:

  • Visualization of legal requirements as a tree diagram, based on the outline structure of the EASA Easy Access Rules
  • User-specific dashboard view with information such as compliance status of regulations within the user's area of responsibility, status of current audits, EASA compliance reports, as well as communication (unread comments) when the supervisory authority is involved in the tool
  • Extensive functions for auditing: thematic clustering of regulations, audit planning function, checklist management for regulation texts, question lists, audit report with deviations
  • file and document archive with rights and revision management
  • Possibility of active integration of the supervisory authority in the compliance management incl. communication channel
  • delegation of responsibilities for audit criteria to specific users (groups)
  • Continuous version management, enabling implementation of regulatory changes as soon as they are published by the European Commission or EASA
  • automatic generation of quarterly EASA compliance reports
  • management of deviations (infrastructure specific)
  • lifetime license with unlimited number of users, multilingual interface


Technical requirements

  • web-based (PHP) browser application installed on a web server (typically Apache) in the client's intranet or a specified network area
  • data storage of all data in a relational database (support for MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • support for mobile devices
  • no additional license costs: the software is based on open source technologies (Apache, etc.)
  • Client requirements: The user only needs a web browser (including Javascript) to use the software


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