Electromagnetic Compatibility

Both the construction of large, modern buildings with innovative facades and complex geometry and wind energy plants with their rotating blades can lead to the impairment of navigation and surveillance facilities. They can have a detrimental effect on the performance of Air Traffic Control facilities, which in turn might endanger the safety of flight operations, especially near aerodromes. These constructions may generate unintentional reflection, refraction or attenuation resulting in malfunctions of these technical facilities (radar, ILS glide slope and localizer or en-route facilities such as VOR). Objects beyond the formal protective areas surrounding these Air Traffic Control facilities can also cause malfunctions according to ICAO EUR DOC 015 (European Guidance Material on Managing Building Restricted Areas).

Consequently, regulations require that such buildings, including the construction of new buildings or the renovation of existing ones, be secured and protected while considering, for example, local approach and departure procedures as well as other safe flight operations. GfL in cooperation with our partner FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH offer you these comprehensive expertise in flight guidance, flight operations and high frequency technologies in order to then give you a competent, state-of-the-art risk assessment. Our uniform assessment methodology has been successfully applied in numerous projects. In addition to that, FCS provides simulation solutions for electromagnetic phenomena using their longstanding expertise in high frequency technology.