Airport Compliance Monitor (ACM) Version 3 rolled out for all existing customers

January 2023 | Software

All existing customers of the Airport Compliance Monitor (ACM) have opted for an update to ACM version 3. The installation of the individually customized systems has now been completed.

As a result, all users of the system, both airports and authorities, are now enjoying the benefits of the new version 3 of the ACM:

  • Version management that enables swift implementation of changes to underlying regulatory requirements specific to the airport ( the latest being Issue 6 of CS-ADR-DSN and Amendment 7 of ADR.OR/OPS)
  • Visualization of regulations as a finely branched tree diagram with the possibility of differentiated compliance documentation of individual sub-items for individual infrastructure elements (RWYs, TWYs, Aprons)
  • Activity log of the editing of the items with view of the historical state
  • assignment of responsibilities for items to departments
  • many other features, as well as improvements to the user interface

For more information about our Airport Compliance Monitor for airports as well as authorities, please visit the linked pages.


ACM Dashboard
ACM Dashboard