GfL commissioned for study on possible reactivation of point-merge procedure at Leipzig/Halle Airport

August 2023 | Environment

GfL was commissioned by the Free State of Saxony to conduct a study on the optimisation of approach procedures at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The focus lies on an investigation of the possible re-implementation of the Point Merge (PM) procedure, which was already field-tested at LEJ from 2015 to 2019, with regard to the noise impact on the population as well as the CO₂ balance.

A promising concept is considered to be a switching between the currently implemented tromboning procedure and the PM procedure depending on the time of day. During the day, the tromboning procedure could be retained due to the smaller airspace required and the proximity to the highly frequented BER airport, while at night (24-hour operation at LEJ) the PM procedure could be applied with its possible advantages for aircraft noise.

For more information regarding the study, please see the press release of the Media Service Saxony.

Point Merge Procedure, © EUROCONTROL (
Point Merge Procedure, © EUROCONTROL (