GfL supports TU Dresden in further development of EUROCONTROL CRM simulation

November 2020 | Software

On behalf of EUROCONTROL, the Chair of Air Transport Technology and Logistics at TU Dresden conducted intensive research within the project "Collision Risk Modelling (CRM) Capability for Independent Parallel Approaches". Within this project, a CRM fast-time simulation for approaches with reduced separation to parallel runways with small distances (so-called Simultaneous Operations on Parallel or Near-Parallel Instrument Runways according to ICAO) was developed, as well as the associated statistical modeling of hazards (for further details, see here).

EUROCONTROL has now commissioned an extension of the tool in order to be able to analyze in particular converging runway configurations up to 15° within the simulation. The concept of so-called Simultaneous Non-Interfering (SNI) approaches is also taken into account. In order to be able to fully customize and use the CRM tool under Microsoft Windows, GfL develops a toolchain supported by MS Windows (e.g. Visual Studio). This toolchain should enable the compilation of all sources and the generation of the executable file from that environment.

Schematic diagram: Simultaneous Non-Interfering (SNI) Approaches (© TU Dresden)
Schematic diagram: Simultaneous Non-Interfering (SNI) Approaches (© TU Dresden)