Analysis of Mobility Data and Restricted Airspaces, in Project "SmartFly" completed

September 2022 | Performance Analyses

As part of the SmartFly project, the engineering and planning company Phase 10 and various departments of the TU Dresden are working on the conceptual development for the intelligent integration and economic use of air taxis in Saxony. The study is supported by the Free State of Saxony as part of the simul+ InnovationHub (SIH) of the simul+ future initiative of the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development.

Gfl participated in the project with an analysis of mobility data from household surveys. In this context, the most common source-destination streams between metropolitan areas and surrounding communities were identified and the possible factors for air taxi demand (developed from the responses of the surveyed persons) were statistically evaluated. In addition, the possible flight routes were analyzed with regard to restricted airspaces (according to Section 21h of the German Air Traffic Regulations (LuftVO)) located along the route.

symbolic picture, © Phase 10 (
symbolic picture, © Phase 10 (