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According to the obligatory specifications (SARPS) of ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1 (Aerodrome Design and Operations) and ICAO Doc 9859, airport contractors have to integrate a safety management system (SMS). This topic was further discussed within the EASA requirements (regulation (EU) 139/2014). Since 2006, GfL has been offering the HTML SMS tool, a safety management software, to provide support for airport operators with the management system. Among GfL’s clients are the airports of Düsseldorf, Hannover, Leipzig/Halle and Dresden.

The tool is based on a HTML (PHP) browser application which can be installed in the intranet or a dedicated part of the network of the client’s web server. The storage of the data occurs in a separated database (perferably SQL database format). Usability improvements, an expanded organisation-specific airport safety report, the support of mobile devices and the support of the latest PHP Version (>5.6) were implemented in the current 4.0 version. The monthy and annual airport safety report provides a focused overview of safety relevant information as a status report of the SMS.

The system has a modular design and contains the following modules:

  • Process: Tree-structured illustration of all processes including responsibilities, links to the relevant documents and risk evaluation
  • Document management: central storage and linking of all relevant document
  • Notifications: illustration of company-specific notifications such as reports of damages and incidents, construction notification, runway incursion, wake turbulence incidents and more, including safety evaluation
  • Auditing: Illustration of auditing of the processes including annual audit plans and list of questions
  • Reports/Statistics: Analysis and illustration of all safety-relevant information such as the airport safety report, safety performance indicators and statistics


  • Demonstration of all SMS processes in a company-specific consistent process database including links to all relevant documents, audit reports, …
  • Company-specific notifications with the illustration all etablished report forms including risk evaluation and step-by-step notification entry and edit
  • Upload function to store and link pictures and documents to notifications, processes and audit reports
  • Document management with central storage and management of all relevant documents including archiving system
  • Easy creation and management of audit reports including monitoring of implementations
  • Detailled statistical function including safety performance indicators as well as statistics of the local origin of notifications on an airport map
  • Airport safety report as company-specific standardized status report of SMS
  • Role-based management of access rights: Illustration of company-specific access rights such as reading, editing and entering of information through simple group and right management

Technical Functionalities:

  • Webbased HTML (PHP) browser application which can be installed in the intranet or a dedicated part of the network of the client’s web server
  • Support of mobile devices
  • No additional licensing costs: the software is based on disposable and free technologies (Appache, PHP, etc.)
  • Requirement for clients: The user merely needs a browser (including Javascript) to use the software

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Advantages of the HTML SMS Tool:

  • Easy to use interface through the use of standardized web technologies
  • Unlimited access from every workplace
  • Cost-effective multi-user license
  • Organisation-specific configuration of the tool during the implementation
  • Dynamic home page for user-specific overview of all relevant information
  • Central management of all relevant document
  • Standardized airport safety report

If you are interested, we are glad to demonstrate our product to you!
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